Pond – Green

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Canvas, Gloss vinyl, Matte vinyl, Paper finish, Ritz canvas, Suede texture

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Elegant woven fabric, High gloss finish, Satin matt finish, Shaggy fabric, Smooth matt satin finish, Smooth mottled


Acrylic, Glass, Outdoors, Smooth cupboards, Walls

“Pond” designed by Jessica Warrick, evokes a serene, yet enticing exploration of a rich, magical aquatic realm. The top-view perspective awakens the senses of childlike wonder, drawing one into the mysterious depths of discovery where floating botanicals and creatures abound.


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“Jessica is a USA based artist living in Portland, Oregon. Her illustration career began in the children’s book world, satisfying her creative expression in the form of satire and humour focused illustration work. However, her urge to creatively connect with the rich beauty of nature resulted in an artistic evolutionary offshoot, turning her to the magical path of pattern design.

She loves to illustrate the feeling of fun, whimsical movement combined with the opulent abundance of the natural world. Carrying a deep appreciation for the principles of Feng Shui, she believes that surrounding oneself in inspired beauty generates uplifting energy, and an inspired life.

Jessica has developed a unique process, beginning her work as a finely detailed pencil and watercolour drawing that is digitally coloured. The final piece has the convenient, modifiable benefits of the digital medium, while retaining its traditionally painted feel.”